Why Facebook is a Crucial Consideration

We could possibly describe Facebook as an Internet within an Internet. After all, there are more than 300 million Facebook members these days, which is equivalent to the population of the United States. As a domain by itself, this is not just impressive but is every reason why any business worth its salt should look into an involvement.

Facebook is of course the ultimate social networking site. It was designed to allow friends to update each other about their social lives, to spread the gossip in a personable way and has by any stretch of the imagination exploded from there. Even though it was designed for college students it has found favour among virtually every demographic and the biggest growth area appears to be among those who really can’t remember much about their college social activities anymore!

With a membership of this size, there is a marketplace for virtually any organisation. It’s simply a question of creating a presence that is applicable, interesting and engaging and making sure that you reach the correct demographic and market segment. Facebook’s designers keep moving the goalposts for marketers in many respects, but their latest tip of their marketing cap is the “page.” This is distinct to a profile and is meant to create an environment for an organisation or company of some kind.

From a strictly business point of view it’s a little bit unusual. A company, per se, is not allowed to create its own “page” but rather only an individual who already has a Facebook profile may do so. Having said that, the page, when completed, can be configured and branded appropriately and can become a micro-community of its own kind for the company.

Setting up the page for an organisation is not as intuitive as you might think. As seems to be usual for Facebook, it takes a bit of digging and a certain amount of trial and error, but the good news is that Facebook has an API that has been released to developers. Therefore, there are now a number of different applications, giving even more functionality and sparkle to your potential page.

The big distinction between your profile – or personal – page and the company page is that you will have people who “like” your business page and who, as such, agree to receive more information and updates as and when you post them. These are not “friends” as you might find on your individual, profile page. Pedantic maybe, but we should always remember, as in anything to do with social media marketing, that we have to treat the development and on-going maintenance of a page like this in professional terms.

The creation of a Facebook business page is an important consideration for any organisation. A virtual assistant can help to create this presence and be actively involved in the regular, ideally daily, process of updating it too. When handled correctly, this can be one of a company’s most beneficial marketing tools. It can develop and grow alongside the business and be a dynamic “front page” alternative.

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