Thinking Outside The Box In Social Media Marketing Terms

If there’s one thing that social media marketing is definitely all about, it’s thinking outside of the box. You could argue that marketing in general should always be about thinking laterally and coming up with different solutions, standpoints and positions, but in social media marketing we often use tools which a traditional small business owner might never have considered before. A case in point is video marketing. Videos go hand-in-hand with social media. We just need to look at the meteoric rise of YouTube and understand that it’s now one of the most important search engines on the Web, as well.

It’s no coincidence that Google owns YouTube and perhaps not surprising that videos often show up in very prominent positions within Google in response to any given query. It has been proven time and again that we are drawn to a moving image on any Internet page and as such we should be taking steps to create marketing messages that are video-based, as well.

Video marketing should be an integral part of social media marketing for any organisation. However, it’s something that many people shy away from as they believe that it is too complicated, costly or challenging. They may feel that they have to invest a considerable sum of money in production facilities, talent and postproduction, to say nothing of distribution.

Video marketing does not have to be inordinately complicated. However, it does go without saying that whatever you produce should be professional and be representative of your organisation. Given what’s available and the great solutions around, these days with a little ingenuity and being aware of these solutions and options, videos can be produced that are relevant to your organisation’s subject matter without too much difficulty.

Many organisations choose to produce a video that is a voiceover of a presentation of some kind. Others choose to use video to showcase their customers, or how a particular solution worked well in a certain set of circumstances. The secret is to always create videos that are entertaining, educational and informative and remember that you should not be an overt marketer in social media marketing circles.

A good virtual assistant knows how to create videos using good quality but relatively inexpensive hardware and software. They will also know how to correctly optimise the video so that it has the best chance of featuring online. There are some very sophisticated distribution networks available today to help you to showcase your optimised videos. Good content presented here could help to position the organisation as the go-to expert. Many of the most successful companies online have focused on video marketing as part of their social media marketing efforts, to great effect.

Why not go one step further and consider creating a YouTube channel? Many companies have used this concept to create their very own branded, marketing channel within what is generally acceptable in social media marketing terms. If a video that you produce has the advantage of going viral, your gains can be truly exponential.

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