Putting Pen To Paper – How The Virtual Assistant Comes To The Business Owner’s Rescue

Many business owners today find that writing is simply not their forte. Certainly, they are able to deal with contracts, agreements, invoicing and so on, but they simply do not feel in their element if they are asked to create an article, or even a white paper of some kind. Content creation is not for everybody, yet it has become increasingly more important in the small business world.

There are a number of ways for a business to market itself online and to help to consolidate its presence. We know that simply having a website is not good enough by itself, as we have to be able to convince people that we not only exist, but that we have something viable to say in that particular niche. We also know that the typical consumer tends to need as many as seven exposures to our product or service before they actually engage. Can we rely on them visiting our website seven times without any further input on our behalf?

Online businesses frequently use the power of the written word to help them promote their presence and viability. Article writing and marketing is the most established method of Internet marketing for many reasons. Firstly, when you create a well-written, optimised and focused article you are showing that you know what you’re talking about and you are also providing information to a marketplace. When such an article is distributed throughout the Web to various authority destinations, it becomes available for potential clients to view. The entire process begins to link your authority as the author of this content to your company’s ability to provide solutions within this niche.

While there are many other ways of marketing your organisation online, article writing and marketing truly helps to provide that all-important social proof. You see, we are entering a new era in online marketing, where relationships are more important. In short, you have to show that you are an expert, can be trusted and that you know your subject inside out, in order to have the best chance of attracting and keeping those all-important prospects.

As many small business owners find that not only is article writing difficult but also very time-consuming, they are increasingly turning to virtual assistants for help. This is a core competency for the typical VA. Not only can they help to compose and distribute the information appropriately, but they can also help to determine what keywords should be used in the first place.

A virtual assistant can handle the entire process of content creation. This will begin with market research to determine what these articles should be written about, to the actual process of creation and optimisation and on to distribution. One way or the other, content is and always will be “king” in online marketing. Unless you’re able to establish and communicate your position, your authority and your expertise, how are you going to convince people that you are worthy of consideration? How are you going to convince them that you know exactly what you’re talking about and can help them with their particular issues?

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