How You Can Work All The Hours Under The Sun, And Still Go Backwards

In broader marketing terms, if you’re not actively engaged in promotional activities and if you do not regularly sit down and calculate exactly where you are, you are effectively “going backwards.” Any business that accepts its status quo and adjudges itself to be successful, merely because it has a regular stream of work coming in, is not taking into consideration Murphy’s Law. This dictates that if something can go wrong, it probably will. To paraphrase this, you need a plan B and a plan C and must be constantly looking for other opportunities and possibilities.

When you are a typically harried businessperson you tend to worry about your business development and overall operations. You think that you have to micromanage and “be on top of” everything, just to make sure that nothing untoward happens. When you do this however you lose sight of the bigger picture. If you go in every day and have to deal with a mountain of paperwork, try to deal with your social media presence, handle most of your Internet marketing and seem to be constantly reading or replying to e-mails, you are using up valuable minutes and hours that could and should be devoted to the future.

Every business has priorities. Yours may be direct, customer interaction, or it may be involved with a certain product or service related process. On the periphery there are hundreds of individual tasks and jobs that nevertheless need to be addressed, purely to ensure that the business functions on a daily basis.

Time management here is absolutely everything. Let’s say that you devote 60% of your time to your core process, whatever that may be. You simply cannot afford to let the balance of your time be taken up by administrative or basic marketing functions. However many hours you work you must make sure that a significant portion of that time is devoted to overall business marketing and planning, looking into the future and preparing for the unexpected.

It’s one thing to try and have a plan to cope with the unexpected, but it’s another thing altogether to have a detailed plan of expansion. Remember that if you don’t plan to expand, you will essentially contract, as your competitors may well be better organised than you and in a better position to plan forward.

Each and every one of those mundane tasks is important in its own way, some more so than others. You must ensure that these jobs are completed but you don’t have to take them on yourself. By engaging qualified and productive virtual assistant services you will be able to outsource so many of those tasks, giving you time not only to draw a deep breath for once, but to sit down and actively plan for the future prosperity of your business.

The wheels may be turning nicely now, but somewhere in the future your source of energy may run out. Don’t get caught by surprise when that happens and remember that if you’re still running around like a headless chicken at that point, you will be even less able to deal with the consequences as they happen!

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