How Social Media Marketing May Be More Important Than Search Engine Optimisation

We’re beginning to learn a lot about how the major search engines, Google specifically, place more and more relevance on content and social buzz. We have come a long way from the days when a webpage could, theoretically, get considerable exposure and as a consequence valuable traffic just by focusing on keyword spamming. It was as if the algorithms employed by the search engines were very rudimentary and simply could not see that a “black hat” marketer could exploit the search engine business for their short-term gain.

These days a webpage is seen as being relevant in relation to someone’s search only if it satisfies a number of more complex and increasingly interrelated criteria. The content itself must be “meaty.” Through the use of extensive databases, relevant standards & synonymic analysis the engines are able to determine whether the content is spammy or informative. We have moved further. The search engine not only wants to know if traffic is actually visiting a given page, it wants to know if the visitor likes what they eventually find there. Furthermore, mentions on social networking sites are being seen as increasingly more relevant, timely and up-to-date.

Content is still king in today’s world, as after all everything can be boiled down to a quest for information online, but many people reason that context is equally as regal a consideration as the content itself.

If “likes,” “shares” and “re-tweets” are important parts of the ranking algorithm for any website in the future, does this mean that social media marketing is becoming as important as search engine optimisation, if not more so? Reputations can be won or lost in social media circles and this has significant bearing on the company’s standing in a particular marketplace.

Social media marketing efforts have to cover many different bases. We are not only talking about a potential boost in search engine rankings, but we are talking about brand exposure and reputation, together with potential conversions.

How many different facets are there when it comes to social media marketing? Fundamentally you must have a means of building your platform with relevant, timely, informative and valuable content. Your platform should serve as a launching board enabling you to communicate with social networking sites of relevance. Furthermore, a means of drawing attention to your efforts can also be considered, through a process known as social bookmarking.

For a business owner who is already swamped with daily duties it can all seem as if it is too much to bear. As hard as they may try to find the time, it’s just not there. The virtual assistant is nevertheless ideally placed to consolidate and coordinate all of these tasks, to help build, slowly but surely, a company’s social media marketing presence. Given a comprehensive brief, the virtual assistant can help to put in place a lot of the mundane and somewhat time-consuming work associated with these efforts. It’s important to remember that both consistency and tenacity will always win through whenever reputations are being built in the social media market.

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