How A Virtual Assistant Can Help To Translate Marketing’s New Language

We are slowly but surely coming to the realisation that we have to redefine the way that we communicate and reach out to people in business. This redefinition is both bewildering and exciting. Whether you are an entrepreneur or a marketing director, a small company or a large organisation you have to be part of this redefinition. Yet there is no rulebook. We may be able to come up with a number of interim “updates,” but the great, big book of marketing is going to be completely rewritten by the time it’s all finished.

To those who have grown up according to the principle that it’s all about the sale, a fundamental shift in the way of thinking is necessary. It’s no longer going to be about number crunching but about relationship building. Engagement is going to be more important than selling.

In the world of social media marketing reputations are like gold. Ultimately, you will be able to take your reputation to the bank and those who do not focus on how they interact with clients and potential customers will find that they are left out in the wilderness.

Yet above all we are focusing on intuition. In purely social circles we very rarely have an external agenda. We form friendships and various relationships with people based on common interests and understanding. We find it comfortable to interact with people this way, if you like on a more informal basis. Business relationships in the New World will reflect some of this informality, as there has to be a more tangible “feel” to the relationship between vendor and consumer.

This is where social media marketing is all about focusing on an engagement. By reaching out through social media channels a business can begin to talk the same language as the consumer and once this relationship starts to build will invariably create additional loyalty on behalf of the customer.

Many business transactions are conducted electronically or through a process of repetition and this can lead to a “faceless” relationship. The transaction is based on a process of going through the motions and means very little more than an exchange of goods or services for compensation. Can you expect to build loyalty this way? If the consumer has a good reason for considering your organisation over another, based on your efforts to build a relationship proactively, it stands to reason that this would lead to longevity and sustainability.

It’s difficult to know where to start. Without a social media presence an organisation is on the periphery. However, this is where a virtual assistant can help to build that bridge and draw the organisation into the new world of relationship building and engagement. There are many pitfalls ahead for the unwary and it’s certainly possible to approach this the wrong way. An organisation that is too ambitious, quick to take action or presumptive can end up falling backwards, so it is important to tread carefully upon entering this new world of social media marketing.

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